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Chapter 18 - Vocabulary

Consumer Goodsproducts made for personal use
installment buyingpaying for something a little at a time while still being able to take the item home
assembly linea line of workers that put things togehter as they move past them on the line
aviationair transportation
commercial industryan industry run to make a profit
jazza form of music that grew out of the African-American heritage
stock marketa place where people can buy and sell stock
depressiona time of little money or economic growth
bureaucracythe many workers and groups that are needed to run government programs
unemploymentthe number of people without jobs
minimum wagethe lowest pay the law allows a worker to receive
hydroelectric damsdams that use water to create electricity
concentration campsprison camps for people who did not agree with the Nazis
civiliana person who is not in the military
relocation campscamps like prisons used for housing the Japanese-Americans during WWII
frontsbattle lines
D Daythe largest water to land invasion in history
HolocaustThe mass murder of European Jews
island-hoppingthe process of taking the islands one at a time until the forces reached Tokyo
Communisma social and economic system in which the government owns all land and industry. Individuals have few rights
free worldThe U.S. and its allies
cold wara war fought with propaganda and money intead of soldiers and weapons

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