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key terms

volcanoesan opening in Earth's surface that often forms a mountain when layers of lava and volcanic ash erupt and build up.
ventin volcanic regions, an opening in Earth's surface through which can flow lava,ash, cinders, smoke, and steam.
craterthe steep walled depression around a volcano's vent
Pacific Ring of Firearea around the Pacific Plate where earthquakes and volcanoes are common
hot spotsareas in the Earth's mantle that are hotter than the neighboring areas, forming melted rock that rises toward the crust
geothermal engerythermal energy from magma bodies inside Earth that can be used to produce electricity with very little environmental pollution
HDRa new technology in which heat from Earth's internal hot dry rock material is used to generate energy
shield volcanoa broad volcano with gentle sloping sides
tephralava blasted into the air from volcanoes and falls as ash, cinders and bombs
cinder cone volcanosteep-sided volcanoes from piled up tephra
composite volcanorepeating layers of lava and tephra found mostly where Earth's plates converge and form subduction zones
batholiththe largest intrusive igneous rock bodies
dikemagma that is squeezed into vertical cracks that cut across rock layers and harden
sillmagma that is squeezed into hortizontal cfrack between rock layers and hardens
calderaa very large opening at the top of a volcano

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