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Africa Vocabulary Games

These games will help you learn the vocabulary from World Cultures Unit 2 on Africa.

escarpmentsteep cliff
cataractlarge waterfall
hydroelectric powerenergy produced by moving water
tropicsarea between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
leachingdissolving and washing away of the soil's nutrients by constant heavy rains
droughtprolonged periods of little or no rain
desertificationthe change of semi-desert land into desert land
pharaohruler of ancient Egypt
hieroglyphicsancient form of Egyptian writing that used pictures and symbols to represent words and sounds
mosqueMuslim house of worship
city-statelarge town that has its own government and controls the surrounding countryside
lineagegroup of distant kin who trace their descent to a common ancestor
consensuscommon agreement
subsistence farmerfarmer who produces enough harvest to supply personal needs but has little or no surplus
polygamypractice of having more than one spouse
age gradein some African societies, all people born in the same year
abolitionmovement to end slavery
diasporamigration or scattering of a homogeneous group
elitesmall group of people with high social status
boycottrefusal to buy certain goods and services
guerilla warfarehit-and-run attacks by small bands of fighters against a larger power
secedebreak away and withdraw, especially as a group, from a country or organization
democratizationmoving toward a free system of government
socialismsystem in which the government owns and operates major businesses and controls other parts of the economy
multinational corporationhuge company with branches in many countries
ethnicityattachment to one's own ethnic group
economic sanctionscutting off trade with another country to pressure it to change its policies
apartheidrigid separation of races by law in South Africa
griotstoryteller in traditional African societies
HarmattanGrassy plain
ImprovidentNot providing for the future
ProwessStrength and skill
OratorPublic speaker
CompensateTo make up for the loss of something
OracleA person or place which has a special connection to a supernatural force
VagueUnclear or undefined
RepentantFeeling sorry for what you have done
ValedictionSaying farewell
MaledictionCurse (“to speak evil”)
BenedictionBlessing (“to speak good”)
EtymologyStudy of the roots of words

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