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Vocabulary quiz for alex

canyonnarrow valley with high cliffs
trembleshake from cold or fear
parleya meeting to talk over something
dolphinwater animal related to whale but smaller
clattersharp, clashing sounds
mesalarge, high rock with flat top
cormorantseabird with webbed toes and hooked beak
basslower kind of man's singing voice
hauldrag by pulling
peltto hit again and again
duskdim part of twilight before the dark of night
stuntedto keep from growing or developing
ceaseto bring or come to an end
balelarge bundle of tightly packed cotton, hay, etc
surgeda large wave of water or its swelling
retreatto go back; withdraw
pursueto follow in order to catch
shirkto get out of doing or leave undone
perishdestroy or die
leaguenumber of persons joined together for a purpose
yuccalarge plant with pointed leaves and white flowers
abalonerock clinging gastropod having flat shell
ponderthink about deeply
awlsmall pointed object for making holes
lairbed or resting place of a wild animal
sinewsa tendon
seepinga leak through an opening
Aleutian Islandspart of Alaska
pitchblack sticky substance formed from coal to cover roofs
clamora loud continuous noise or uproar
gnawto bite or wear away bit by bit
scarcenot common; rare
gruelwatery food made by cooking oatmeal
emberspiece of coal or wood that is still glowing
determinationa deciding or finding out for sure
waddleto walk with short steps swaying side to side
rivalsomeone who tries to do or get something better; competitor
utensilcontainer or tool used for a special purpose
pursueto follow in order to catch up to
ventureactivity in which there is a risk
carcassdead body of an animal
mattedtangled together in a thick mass
lupineplant with long spikes with white, yellow, rose, or blue flowers
baggotbundle of sticks
pryto look or search closely
bowthe forward part of a ship
desertedto go away from; abandon
reproachto find fault with; blame
simeltsmall silvery fish
notchto cut in the form of a small V

Peggy Fernandez

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