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Chemistry review

Acids and Bases Unit

kw[H+] [OH-]
kw1 x 10 -14
ka[H] [A] / [HA]
strong acids ( 3)HCl, H2SO4, HNO3
Strong bases (2)NaOH, KOH
Ma*Va * # =Mb *Vb * #
pH + POH14
pHneg. log [H+]
pOHneg. log [OH-]
indicatorPHTH, litmus, cabbage juice
bright pink in basePHTH
bromothymol blueyellow in acid
antilog10 to the x
pH of 0.1 M HClone
Bronsted aciddonates H+
Arrhenius basehydroxide
pH of .1 M NaOHthirteen

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