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Sun and Air

Choose the best answer.

What do scientists believe CFCs are a problem?They think that a "hole" in the ozone layer over the South Pole has been caused by this.
What blocks many of the short waves?the Earth's atmosphere
What does the burning of coal, oil, and wood create?carbon dioxide
Do greenhouse gases let Earth's heat escape into space?no
What do scientists think an increase in the greenhouse effect will change?Earth's climates
Earth's surface gives off energy in the form of ___.infrared waves
What can harm people when it is near the ground?ozone
What can break down an important atmospheric gas?CFCs
What can cause skin cancer?UV rays
What can trap heat from the ground?greenhouse gases
Should you protect yourself from UV radiation? Why?Yes, not to get sunburned.
Can you prevent sunburns? HowYes, by wearing a hat, sunglasses, putting on more clothes, staying out of the sun. . . .
Might CFCs from spray cans have caused the hole in the ozone layer?yes
How can the ozone be both helpful and harmful?Helpful because it blocks harmful UV rays from reaching the earth's surface. Harmful because poisonous when breathed.
Why don't most harmful UV rays reach the earth's surface?They are stopped at the ozone layer.
What are the greenhouse gases?carbon dioxide and water vapor
Where is harmful UV found?ozone layer
What are the two main gases layered in the Earth's atmosphere?nitrogen and oxygen


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