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NHCC 1301 Test 1 Review

This is a nice review for Test 1 over #1-107 on the outline and Ch. 1-5 in the text.

Natives in 1500'sdeveloped distinctive civilizations
Aztecin Mexico
Europe during Middle Agesnarrow outlook on world
Columbushe underestimated the size of world
conquistadorestried to get rich with gold/silver
horsesreintroduced to New World
Native Womenintermarried European men
HakluytEnglish propagandist
Catholic C hurchsalvation through good works
Luthersalvation through faith
Puritansget rid of Catholic beliefs in their church
Englandrival was France in N.America
Roanokedeserted Island 1590
London Co.wanted a quick return on investment
Smith"no work=no food"
Jamestowntobacco saved this colony
Marylandrefuge for Catholics
BerkleyGov. in Va. who did not protect settlers
BaconRebellion in 1676 in Va.
Mayflower compactcivil govt. for the Pilgrims
serious and piousthe Pilgrims
city on a hilla model for the world as a holy community
Williamsbought land in Rhode Island from Indians
Hutchinsonbanished from Mass. claimed believers could communicate with God
Georgiasettled as a place for debtors,convicts and inden. servants
Scotch-Irishmost numerous immigrant group in 1700's
Middlepassage bringing slaves to Caribbean
Colonial Americabetter opportunities for social mobility
Colonial Citiesplaces for new ideas and debate
Great Awakeningchallenged traditional authority in the church
Ben FranklinAlbany Plan guy
Albany Planwas to establish 1 govt. for colonies
LaSalleFrench explorer claimed Mississippi R. area
Frenchtolerant of Indian customs
French /Indian Warfought over control of Ohio R. Valley
George IIIill suited for his role as leader of England in 1700's
Proclamation line of 1763no westward movement of Appalachians
Greenvillewanted to tax the colonists on printed documents
Stamp Act Congressshould be taxed only by their own legislatures
British troops in Bostonsent to protect customs commissioners
Boston Massacreevent full of panic and confusion
GageGeneral sent to Mass. to confiscate gunpowder
Painewrote Common Sense calling England brutal and corrupt
Britishpaid farmers in gold and silver
Redcoatsseasonal warfare was a downfall
Saratogaled to an alliance with the French
Yorktownended major land battles of the war
Shaysled farmers against state from taking property
1519Cortez heads to Mexico
1630Winthrop becomes gov. of Mass.
Nina,Pinta and Santa MariaColumbus' ships
Spainthey picked up the tab for Columbus
predestinationyour life was pre-planned
Washingtonlost more battles than he won
Morganstated in his book that Puritans tried to live in a world , but not be part of it
Matherpreacher and scientist in 1700's
Rolfemarried Pocahantas-developed high grade tobacco
ElectricityFranklin experimented with this
EdwardsSinners in the Hands of an Angry God
HenryParson's Cause and Give me Liberty or Death
Zengerhis statements about the govt. were true
Arnoldtraitor who jumped on the British side
Spanishfirst Europeans to take riches in W.Hemisphere
Frenchsettled in Mississippi Valley and Canada
PennsylvaniaQuaker home
11 million# of slaves in Brazil/Caribbean
Great Awakening leadersEdwards and Whitefield
1783Treaty of Paris signed
1608Jamestown established
1692Witch Trials

Mr. Neumeyer

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