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drill vocab 35

Make sure to do a written self-test before any quiz or test in class. Flashcards on TV is not sufficient for mastery !

collis, collis mhill
deus, dei m.god
tergum, tergi nback
vulnus, vulneris n.wound
certus, certa, certumcertain, fixed, sure
diligens, diligentiscareful
fortis, fortis, fortebrave
gravis, gravis, graveheavy; serious
summus, summa, summumhighest; top of, greatest
vehemens, vehementisviolent; serious
sequor, sequi, secutus sumfollow
credo, credere, credidi, creditus + dat (3)believe, entrust
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensum (3)defend
apud + the presence of, at the house of, with
pauluma little

Lovett School, Middle School Foreign Languages

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