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Chapter 17: Revolutions Change the World

Key names and vocabulary from Chapter 17

Marie Antoinettewife of King Louis XVI
revolutiona sudden or drastic change
guillotinea machine for executions
bastillea prison fortress in Paris
Maximilien Robespierrethe evil ruler of independent France
estatesthe social classes of the French society
Napoleona successful general that became emperor of France after the Reign of Terror
National Assemblythe law making body formed by the 3rd estate to write a constitution
Reign of Terrorthe period of evil rule in France
Toussaint L' Ouvertureled the slaves to revolt in Saint Domingue
Miguel Hidalgoa priest that urged the citizens of Dolores to revolt against Spain
Jose Maria Morelosa priest that urged middle Mexican citizens to continue to revolt
Agustin de Iturbidea Spanish office that declared himself emperor of independent Mexico
Simon BolivarLiberator of the South
Jose de San Martinhelped liberate Argentina and Chile in South America
monarchygovernment controlled by a queen or king
Karl Marxdeveloped ideas of socialism
Industrial Revolutiona time where technological advances changed the ways things were made
textilewoven or knitted cloth
James Wattinvented the steam engine
Socialisman ecomic idea where the workers have ownership and control
Great BritianWhere the Industrial Revolution began
labor unionan organized group of workers
inventiona new idea about how something can be made or done
Robert FultonHe attached a steam engine to a boat so that this steamboat could go upstream
George StephensonHe attached a steam engine to a railcar and started the Railroad Age
corporationa business organization that sells stock shares to raise money
market economypeople make their own decisions about how to spend their money, so capitalists have to know what people want
capitalismthe ownership of business and factories by individuals desiring to make a profit
reformerspeople that wanted to improve capitalism and change it - with the govenment's help
Thomas Edisoninventor of the electric light bulb and many other inventions
Henry FordHe developed the first assembly line
assembly linea factory system where the product moves slowly to the people that work on it and the person does the same thing
Second Industrial RevloutionA time of invention and change powered my electricity, oil, and steel
First Industrial RevolutionA time of invention and change powered by coal and the steam engine
strikesrefusal to work until demands are met
tenementscrowded slum apartments that grew in overcrowded cities during the first industrial revolution
domestic systemmaking goods in the home
factory systemgrouping machines in one place to make more goods faster

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