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Geography terms

lakelarge body of fresh water
pondsmaller than a lake
oceanholds most of Earth's water
riverlarge stream of water
sourcewhere stream starts
mouthwhere stream empties into another body of water
tributarystream that empties into another stream
waterfallwater dropping over rocks
damblocks water from flowing
flowwater moving from high to low places
floodtoo much water for river to hold
bedbottom of river
floorbottom of ocean
deepfar to bottom
shallownot far to bottom
planktonvery small animals & plants
shoreland along the ocean
banksides of river or lake
islandland with water all around it
floatstay on top of water
driftmove with water
evaporationwater going up into the air
glacier"river" of ice
meltwhen ice becomes water
craterhole in top of volcano
puddlewater on ground after rain

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