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Years Between the Wars Games

Learn key terms and important people of the period between the end of the Great War and the outbreak of WW II

CoalitionTemporary alliance of several parties to forma parliamentary majority
Weimar RepublicDemocratic German government established in 1919
Dawes PlanFinancial plan for Germany's recovery
Gustav StresemannGermany's foreign minister who tried to undo the worst features of the Treay of Versailles
Aristide BriandFrance's foreign minister who worked with Stresemann
Frank KelloggU.S. Secretary of State in 1928
Alcock and BrownTwo British pilots who made the first successful flight across the Atlantic
Amelia EarhartFirst female to fly across the Atlantic
Charles LindberghU.S. pilot who was the first to solo across the Atlantic
Sanger and GoldmanTwo feminists who risked arrest by speaking in favor of birth control
T.S. EliotBritish poet who wrote The Waste Land
Franz KafkaCzech writer who wrote eerie novels
James JoyceIrish novelist who wrote Ulysses
surrealistArtists and writers who tried to draw on their unconscious rather than the conscious part of their minds
jazzLively, loose form of popular music developed in the U.S.
isolationismA concept that a country should avoid political ties to other countries
Great DepressionName given to a long business slump that began in 1929
Franklin D. RooseveltPresident of the U.S. during the Great Depression
New DealRoosevelt's plan for relief, recovery, and reform
Ramsey McDonaldBritish prime minister for the National Government
ExtentialismPhilosophy based on the idea that people give meaning to their lives through their choices and actions
Friedrich NietzcheGerman philosopher who dismissed reason, democracy, and progress as empty ideas
SurrealismArt movement in which a dreamlike world, outside of reality, is portrayed or evokes
Sigmund FreudThinker who exposed the workings of the unconscious mind
Albert EinsteinThinker who developed the theory of relativity
Frank Lloyd WrightFunctionalist architect known for his domestic architecture
Walter GropiusGerman architect who started a design school known as Bauhaus
Popular FrontDepression era government in France starting in 1936
National GovernmentAll party coalition that led the British government during the Depression
Louis H. SullivanChicago School architect associated with building skyscrapers
Hannah HochDada artist who created Cut with a Kitchen Knife
Tristan TzaraDada poet
Babe RuthSultan of Swat, Mammoth of Maul
Max PlanckPhysicist associate with quantum theory
F. Scott FitzgeraldLost Generation write; author of the Great Gatsby

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