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Criss-Cross Math

Use the clues to find the words hidden in the puzzle.

a place in spacepoint
a set of points along a straight pathline
line with two endpointsline segment
a line with one endpointray
two rays with a common endpointangle
The common endpoint of the anglevertex
two lines that are equal distance from each otherparallel lines
lines that intersection to form right anglesperpendicular
a closed figure made up of live segmentspolygon
a polygon with three sidestriangle
a polygon with four sides.quadrilateral
polygon with six sides.hexagon
polygon with five sides.pentagon
polygon with seven sides.heptagon
a quadrilateral with four right angles and four equal sides.square
polygon with eight sides.octagon
example of a triangle; don't stop, just _______.yield
example of a ray that comes from above.sunlight
the polygon you see when you look out your window.backyard
an example of a line that seems to never end.highway

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