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A review of general whale information

Whale Body Temperature95F to 99F
CetaceanThe group of mammals containing whales, dolphins and porpoises
Number of different species of Cetacean85
OdontocetiToothed Whales
MysticetiBaleen Whales
Largest WhaleBlue Whale
Food for most baleen whalesPlankton/Krill
EcholocationHow most odontoceti find food
Where most baleen whales migrate to find foodPolar regions
PodGroup of whales
What is the major organ of whale locomotion?Flukes
What are the three purposes of blubber?Bouyancy, warmth, energy storage
How do you tell the age of a baleen whale?Rings of ear wax
What organ do whales use to breathe?Lungs
Where do whales live?All oceans of the earth
CetologyStudy of cetaceans

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