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Dig Into Geology - (copy)

Learn all about Rocks and Minerals

magmahot liquid rock beneath the earth's surface
mineralnaturally occuring substance formed in the earth
crystalsolid formed from a repeating pattern of atoms
cleavagebreaking of mineral along smooth, definite surfaces
inorganiccomposed of material that is not and never was living
hardnessability of a mineral to resist being scratched
gemmineral that is rare beautiful and durable
streakcolor of the powder left behind when a mineral is rubbed against a hard rough surface
fracturebreaking of a mineral along rough, jaggered surfaces
orerock deposit that contains minerals that can be mined as a profit
petrologistscientist who studies rocks, and their mineral composition
igneous rockrock formed by the cooling and hardening of magma
sedimentsmall pieces of rock, shells, or remains of plants and animals that have been carried along and deposited by wind, water and ice.
sedimentary rockrocks fromed from sediments that have been pressed and cemented into rock
metamorphic rockrock formed when sedimentary or igneous rocks are changed due to heat, pressure, or chemical reactons.
rock cyclecontinuos changing of rock from one type to another
intrusive rockigneous rock formed deep within the earth,
extrusive rockigneous rock formed from lava at the earth's surface
compactionprocess by which layers of sediments are pressed together to form sedimentary rocks.
cementationprocess by which sediments are cemented together by minerals dissolved in water to form sedimentary rocks

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