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abashto disconcert,humiliate or shame.
abateto put an end to or reduce in intensity.
abdicateto formally give up or end a position or responsibility.
aberrationdiverging from a moral standard or expected course.
abetto encourage or assist a plan or activity.
abhorentloathesome or contemptible.
abideto withstand,wait patiently for,or tolerate.
abjectutter hopelessness,destitution or resignation.
babbitta person who clings to narrow-minded,materialistic ideals.
baccalaureatethe degree awarded for completion of a undergraduate course of study.
balderdashnonsense;a ridiculous idea or suggestion.
bandyto exchange or pass back and forth;trading words,witticisms,blows,or insults.
banefulextremely harmful,ruinous,or destructive.
barbarousuncivilized or primitive,characterized by brutality.
barrageconcentrated outpouring or valley.
beatitudehighest possible blessedness or contentment;also;any of the declarations "Blessed are..."made by Jesus in the sermon on the Mount.
calvarya scene of intense anguish ;often referred to as a state of being.Oringinally referred to the place where Jesus Christ was crucified.
canarda fabrication or unfounded story.
canonicalin accordance with or conforming to established (church) law.
candoropenness or honesty.
capaciouscapable of holding a great deal of something.
capitulateto accede (agree) to a demand for surrender.
captiousextremely critical.
capriciouscharacterized by a whimsical attitude.
dalliancea lighthearted undertaking;a flirtation.
decorumsocial propriety.
decaloguethe Ten Commandments
decadencecharacterized by declining moral standards.
debonairsuave,sophisticated and charming.
dankdamp and chilly.
debacleutter collapse or rout.
debaucheryoverindulgent sexual expression.
debilitateto enfeeble or weaken.
ebulliencethe quality of being optimistic in speech or writing.
educeto draw out. Also means to reason out or establish from given facts.
ecumenicaluniversal. Often used to refer to the beliefs,movements,and actions common to the various branches of Christianity worldwide.
edificationenlightenment.defined as instructing someone with important insights.
eclecticchoosing from a variety of sources or origins;a diverse selection.
ecclesiasticalpertaining to religious practices.
eccentricunpredictable,erratic,or marked by unconventional behavior.
echelona level of command.
fabulista liar;someone who tells outrageously stories.
faceta component or aspect.
facetiousplayful;communicated in jest.
fait accomplisomething undertaken and already concluded.
fallaciousfalse;containing a logical error.
fatuousstupid or foolish.
faux pasa social error.
abrogateto nullify or cancel.
abscondto depart quickly and in secret,especially to aviod criminal charges.
belligerentaggresive or pugnacious;eager to instigate a fight.
bemusedthe quality of being bewildered,perplexed,or lost in reflection.
castea social class marked by strong hereditaryand cultural ties.
catalystthat which initiates a process or event and itself unaffected.
deferencedue respect or submission to the ideas and/or judgement of another.
degeneratehaving regressed or descended to a lower state.
effronteryimpudent boldness.
effulgentradiant; brilliantly shining.
feralwild and uncontrolled (said especially of animals who were once domesticated).
ferventardent and enthusiastic.

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