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The Vocabulary of Vocabulary

In order to ba able to discuss words as words, you must have mastery of various "technical terms" used in the study of vocabulary.

analogymoney is to power as books are to knowledge
colloquialan expression used in everyday, familiar speech and writing rather than in formal English
figurativean expression in which the words are used not in their ordinary sense but in a nonliteral way
homographtwo words which are spelled the same but are unrelated in meaning
hyperbolefighting with the strength of a thousand men
literala word-for-word translation from French
metaphora comparison in which like or as is omitted
personificationthe storm made the tree groan in anguish
puna humorous use of a word in two different senses
slangto goof (meaning "to make a mistake")
similieas honest as a baby's smile
verbosea person who uses many more words than are necessary to express their point

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