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Energy - Chapter 10

Vocabulary dealing with energy for middle school students.

energythe ability to do work or cause change
kinetic energythe energy of motion
kinetosgreek word which means "moving"
potential energyenergy that is stored and held in readiness
elastic potential energyenergy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed
gravitational potential energyenergy that depends on height
mechanical energyenergy associated with the motion or position of an object
thermal energythe total energy of the particles in a substance or material
chemical energypotential energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together
electrical energythe energy of moving electric charges
electromagnetic energyhe energy of light and other forms of radiation
nuclear energythe potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
nuclear fissionnuclear reaction that occurs when the nucleus splits
nuclear fusionnuclear reaction that occurs when nuclei fuse or join together
energy conversionthe process of changing one form of energy to another
law of conservation of energystates that energy cannot be created or destroyed
jouleamount of workyou do when you exert a force of 1 newton to move an object a distance of 1 meter

Mary-Beth Petit

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