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Unit 8 English Vocabulary

abutto join at one end or be next to, to support, prop up
attireclothes, apparel, garb
attireto dress, adorn or bedeck
availto be of use or benefit to, to make use of, to take advantage of, to profit or benefit
availuse, benefit, or value
cronya very close firend, pal, chum, buddy
crypticpuzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic
divergentgoing in different directions, different from each other, departing from convention, deviant
enmityhatred, ill-will
ferventvery earnest, emotional, passionate
gauntthin and bony, starved looking, bare, barren
infiltrateto pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily
nullifyto make of no value or consequence, cancel, wipe out
perceptiblecapable of being grasped by the senses or mind
plummetto plunge down
plummeta weight fastened to a line
proclaimto declare publicly or officially
proxyan agent, substitute
proxya written permission allowing one person to act in another's place
rankleto cause anger, irritation, or bitterness
scavengera person who collects or removes usable items from waste materials, an animal that feeds on refuse or dead bodies
stintto limit, be sparing, or frugal
stinta limit or restriction, a fixed share of work or duty, a period of activity
stoicalself-controlled, not showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain
unflaggingtireless, continuing with vigor

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