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Canada Terms and Questions

Explore and review facts and terms dealing with Chapter 3 "Canada"

mosaicpattern or picture made up of small pieces of stone and paper
provinceself-governing area similar to a state
acid rainrain mixed with chemicals from burning coals and fuel
monarchygovernment headed by a king or queen
separatismmovement of Quebec to break away from Canada
langaugeoften is a barrier between British and French Canadians
Inuitsknown as "the people" and arrived in Canada about 6,000 years ago
IndiansAsian settlers that crossed into Canada via the Bering Land Bridge 40,000 years ago
miningmost lucrative industry in Canada
Britishmake up the largest population in Canada
Englishthe language most Canadians speak
Frenchmost popular language in Quebec
Canadian Shield100 mile stretch of land where 3/4 of Canadias live because of climate and land
ice hockeyCanada's national sport
newsprintCanada is the leading producer of this due to their vast forests

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