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Reproductive games

Word games using the terms from the reproductive system

testesmale gonad
spermmale gamete (sex cells)
testosteronemale sex hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics
scrotummuscular pouch that holds the testes & regulates the temperature
seminiferous tubulessmall tubes in the testes that produce sperm
epididymispouch on the top of the testis where sperm mature
vas deferenstube that transports sperm to urethra
urethratransports urine as well as sperm to the outside via the penis
prostate glandsecretes a base that neurralizes the acidic vagina.
seminal vesiclesactivates & provides nourishment for the sperm
Cowper's glandprovides a mucus lubrication
ovariesfemale gonad
ova/eggsfemale gamete
estrogen & progesteronehormones produced by the ovaries
ovulationegg is released from the follicle in the ovary
Fallopian tubes (oviducts)tube where egg is fertilized
uterus (womb)where the zygote is implanted & the fetus grows
menstruationrelease of uterine lining & the ovum
follicle stagefollicle-stimulating hormone causes a follicle to develop
corpus luteumbroken follicle fills & becomes the corpus luteum which secretes progesterone to develop lining
fertilizationone sperm cell unites with the egg in the oviduct
implantationthe embryo attaches to the uterine wall; start of pregnancy
placentaallows gas, nutrient, & waste exchange between the fetus & the mother
umbilical cordconnects fetus to the placenta
amniotic fluidfluid around the fetus within membranes to protect against shock
gestationlength of pregnancy usually 9 months (270 days)
laborcervix dilation/ uterine & vaginal muscles begin to contract
afterbirthplacenta & membranes expelled after birth
breech birthposterior end first
cesarean sectionsurgically deliver child through abdomen & uterus
twins2 people are born as the result of one pregnancy
identical twinstwins that come from the same egg. They must be the same sex
fraternal twinstwins that develop from 2 eggs. They can be separate sexes & look completely different
menopausefertility stops

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