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Solar System Vocab

Words of the Solar System

retrograde motionreverse motion of a planet
reaction enginedevise inwhich a rearward blast pushes the object forward
solar systemsun, planets, and oall objects that revolve around them
orbitpath an object takes around another
greenhouse effectpprocess by which heat is trapped and cannot escape
meteoritemeteor that strikes Earth
escape velocityspeed needed to eescape Earth's gravitational pull
meteorstreak of light produced by a meteoroid as it passes through Earth's atmosphere
nebular theoryidea that our solar system began in a cloud of dust and gases
asteroid beltregion between Mars and Jupiter where large chunks of rock & metal
period of revolutiontime it takes one object to move around another
meteoroidchunk of metal or stone that orbits Earth
magnetospheremagnetic field around a planet
period of rotationtime it takes an object to spin on its axis
cometobject made of ice, gas & dust

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