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Ishmael vocab- parts 1-3

students match vocabulary words with their definitions

disillusionmentto free of previous illusion
irrationalnot logical
atmosphericthe mood of the room
embalmedprocess done before burial
ambiguousuncertain or doubtful
fodderfeed for livestock
epitomizedultimate representation
stoicallyunaffected by emotions
translocationa change in place
fallaciesopinions founded on mislogic
luridshock or horror
benefactorone who gives financial or other aid.
preamblepreliminary statement
charismapower to draw people
oblivioncondition of being completely forgotten
balefullyevil intent
coalescingto fuse
amphibianscold blooded animals who live on land or in water
premisean idea an argument or story is based on

Betsy Herman

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