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History - Chap. 14
Civil War

President during civil warAbraham Licoln
First battle of civil warFort Sumter
Northern Democrats who sympathized with southCopperheads
Had advantage in number of men of fighting age availibleNorth
President of ConfederacyJefferson Davis
Capital of ConfederacyRichmond, Virginia
Confederate leader at 1st Bull RunStonewll Jackson
Wooden ships covered with armorironclads
Union leader who captured New OrleansAdmiral Farragut
Confederate leader at Manassas Juntion (AKA 2nd BR)Robert E. Lee
Won battle of AntietamNorth
Union leader who led Peninsula campaignGeorge McClellan
Had advantage of being more familiar w/ guns - horsesSouth
Major issue in Civil Warslavery
Declaration that freed slavesEmancipation Proclamation
Law which required military service of eligible mendraft (consacription)
Paper money issued by Uniongreenbacks
Union ship captured by SouthMerrimac
Union leader appointed surpreme comander of all Union armiesUlysses S. Grant
Union leader who captured AtlantaWilliam Sherman
Lincoln's running mate in 1864Andrew Johnson
Law which provided accessibility of land grants to all citizensHomestead Act
Served as Union superintendent of nursesDorthea Dix
Battle which turned the tide of the warGettysburg
Civil War1861-1865
Bull Run - July 1861Potmic River - Sunday Best - North Retreat to DC
Shiloh - April 1862More defense - no easy vic. - not all brave/glory
New Orleans - April 1862Planned well - Union vic.
Antietam - Sep. 1862Mclellan found papers
Fredericksburg - Dec. 1862Sideburns - 13, 000 casulaties
Chancellosville - May 1863Jackson Lost
Gettysburg - July 1-3, 1863Union vic. - Picket's charge - Cemitary Ridge
Viksburg - July 4, 1863Grant captures - Confederacy cut in 2
Widerness Campaign - May/June 1864Grant "when in doubt fight"
Atlanta - Sept. 1864Union vic. - Sherman - looted
Appomtox Court House - April 9, 1865Lee surrendors to Grant - can have guns/horses
Lincoln Assassinated - April 14, 1865John Wikes Booth
54th MassachusettesRobert Shaw
Mclellen1st Bull Run in front yard - ends in his parlor
Clement Vallandinghamraid prison - Lake Erie
North ADVAN.population - money - industry
South ADVAN.Leadership

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