Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


The students will be able to understand new vocabulary.

acutesevere; sharp
anonymouswritten or given by an unknown or unidentified person
apprehensivefrigthened; uneasy; anxious
arrogantfilled with self-importance; overly proud and vain
bestowto give as an honor or a gift
donora person who gives, contributes, or donates
phobiaa continuing, abnormally extreme fear of a particular situation or thing
prominentvery noticeable; obvious
prudentcautious; careful; wise
recipienta person who receives
absurdridiculous; opposed to common sense
adhereto stick firmly
alienateto cause to become unfriendly or emotionally separated
assessto evaluate; decide on the quality or value of
compileto gather together in an organized form, such as a list or a pile
contemptdisrespect; a feeling that a person or thing is inferior or undesirable
defecta fault; imperfection
doctrinethe principle or principles taught to a religious, political, or other group
dogmaticopinionated; stating an opinion as if it were a fact

Rene Cardona

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