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Pig Test Review

ScrotumSac that covers testes, keeps 4 degrees cooler
PenisOrgan through which urine and sperm are emitted
Foreman OvuleOpening in the septum between right and left atria; fetal structure that bypasses pulmonary circulation and lungs
Ductus ArteriosusConnects pulmonary artery and the aorta; leads to systemic circulation
PeritoneumLines abdominal cavity/supports organs
DiaphragmForms air tight cavity between chest and abdomen, causes air to flow in and out of the lungs
Liver(3 functions)(5 lobes) secretes bile (breaks down fats), purifies blood, removes toxic waste
Hard PalateRolls food into a ball in order to swallow
Soft PalateHelps chew and swallow
EsophagusPushes food down tube to stomach
StomachDigestion begins/ proteins digested
Gall BladderBile storage sac (stores bile)
PancreasSecretes digestive enzymes into small intestine
CecumVestigal end of small intestine, beginning of large intestine
RectumPassage for feces out of body
SphincterCloses off entrance and exits; cardiac (top of stomach), pyloric (bottom before intestine), and anal (end of rectum)
Pericardium(Around heart) protects heart
Thymus GlandAid in immunity--produces white blood cells (large fatty gland by heart)
Atria2 top chambers of the heart
Ventricle2 bottom chambers
SeptumSeparate two ventricles
Coronary Blood VesselsFeeds muscles of the ventricles with oxygen
AortaCarries oxygenated blood to body
Anterior Vena Cava(Above) carries deoxygenated blood to heart
Posterior Vena Cava(Below) carres deoxygenated blood to heart
EpiglottisPrevents food from entering the lung; covers the glottes as the pig swallows, posterior to the base of the tongue
Trachea(Windpipe) carries to lungs
Larnyx(Voice box) vibrations produce noise
Lungs(2) Right- 4 lobes; left 3 lobes; exchange gases
KidneyDark brown shaped organs
UreterTube carries urine from kidney to bladder
Urinary BladderHolds/stores urine
UrethraUrine leaves from bladder and out of body
OvariesStores eggs
Oviducts/Fallopian TubesReleases eggs/travel from ovary to uterus site of fertilization
Umbilical CordFood and oxygen from mother to fetus/movement of waste from fetal to mom
Gestation PeriodPeriod of development 112-115 (4 months)
PlacentaOrgan in uterus that provides gases and nutrition
UterusOrgan where fetal develops
SnoutMakes a path, ifts weights, and digs
External NaresInhale air, warm, filter, and humidify
Pinnea(External Ears) hearing
Nictating Membrane(3rd eyelid) protect eyeball
Umbilical Arteries(2) Carries deoxygenated blood from the fetus to the placenta, also carries waste from fetus
Umbilical VeinCarries oxygenated blood, nutrients from placenta to fetus
AnusTerminal opening of digestive track
Peridurm/EpitrichumThin covering over entire fetus body
Mammary Papillae(Nipples) young receive milk from females
Urogenital PapillaeExternal opening for water and reproduction
TestesProduces testosterone
VaginaFemale sex organ of intercourse/birth canal
EpididymisStore sperm/mature sperm
Vas DeferensTube through which sperm move from testes to urethra
Embryo(Zygote) sperm/egg
DigitigradeWalking on toes
Small Intestine(2 functions) completes digestion, absorbs nutrients and breaks down carbohydrates and fats
Large Intestine(2 functions) Reabsorption of water, passageway for fecus out

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