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Geometry Galore!

Review Basic Geometry Terms

SolidA three-dimensional figure.
PolygonA closed plane figure with 3 or more line segments.
AreaThe number of SQUARE UNITS needed to cover a flat surface.
LineA straight path that has no endpoints; it goes on and on in both directions.
Line SegmentThe part of a line that has two endpoints.
RayThe part of a line that has one endpoint, and goes on and on in one direction.
Right AngleAn angle that forms a square corner and measures 90 degrees.
Acute AngleAn angle less than 90 degrees (an angle less than a right angle).
Obtuse AngleAn angle greater than 90 degrees (an angle greater than a right angle).
ProtractorAn instrument used to measure angles in degrees.
CircleA simple closed curve that is named by a point in its center.
RadiusA line segment from the center to any point on the circle.
DiameterA line segment that passes through the center and has its endpoints on the circle.
Congruent FiguresFigures that have the same shape and size.
Similar FiguresFigures that have the same shape, but may have different sizes.
Parallel LinesLines that never cross and are the same distance apart.
Intersecting LinesLines that cross each other.
Perpendicular LinesLines that cross each other to form a right angle.
FaceA flat surface of a three-dimensional, or solid, figure.
VolumeThe measure of the space inside a solid figure.

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