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Computer Technology Terms

Vocabulary games to help students learn the computer technology terms for the Virginia SOL test.

CD romcompact disc - read only memory medium to store information read by a laser light
cursorpoint on the video screen where the next character of text will be inserted
databasecomputerized store (collection) of related information
disc (floppy and hard)magnetic medium to store information which has the ability to read and write repeatedly. Floppy disc is small quantity storage and removable. Hard disc is large quantity storage and fixed.
disc drivedevice used to read and write information to and from a disc
fieldIn a database record, a category that holds one type of information
graphics2 dimensional or 3 dimensional computer images such as pictures, objects, bar graphs, or pie charts
hard drivefixed, large magnetic storage device for computerized information
homepagethe front or main web page which provides access to web sites on the Internet
hypermediaInteractive computer software that allows users to link information from a number of sites or sources
interactivesystem that requires a used to respond to processes that may be running
internetall computers and computer networks wired together
internet pathcomputer name, subdirectories and files that point to information on the internet
temporary memorythe part of a computer that stores information for a current process (active work space)
modemdevice used to send and receive electronic information over telephone lines
modem delivered servicea dial-up service which allows computers to access information through a modem and phone line.
mouseinput device to control activity of a program on the computer screen usually by pointing and clicking
multimediacombining sound and graphics into hardware and software
peripheral deviceany external device that controls the input and output of information
retrieveprocess of getting information from an input device
scanneran input device used to create a computer image from a paper source
searchprocess of looking up information in a computer database
softwareprograms or instructions that control computer activity
sortingprocess of arranging or ordering information
spreadsheetsoftware tool used to organize data and to perform multiple calculations
telecommunicationscommunicating over a distance using telephones, televisions or computers
video discslarge disk containing images, video and sound
word processorsoftware tool that allows a user to enter, edit, store, retrieve and print documents
Local Area Networkcomputers and other devices in a building site connected by wiring to share programs and files
Wide Area Networkcomputers and other devices from several sites connected by wiring to share programs and files

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