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Doctrine of Salvation

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(A stands for Arminius and C stands for Calvin)

Pelagius5th century monk who said that a person could save themself since they have the ability to choose good as easlily as evil and therefore become without sin
AugustinePerson who opposed Pelagius and said that we are saved by grace alone
Martin LutherMonk who saind we are saved by faith alone.
Treasury of MeritStorehouse of good deeds that the Catholic church sold to believers
IndulgencesCertificate of merit to help a person balance the good and bad deeds in their life
Catholic Church view on BaptismBaptism takes care of former sins and allows a person to be in a position to earn merit
Catholic Church's view on earning salvationA person is saved by grace and their own merit
A and C view on total depravityA- sin doesn't affect a person so much therefore they can choose God on their own, C-Sin affects you so much that you are unable to choose God on your own
A and C view on electionA- God chooses those whom he knows in advance will choose him, C- God chooses people base on no conditions other than God's wisdom
A and C view on atonementA- Christ's death didn't ensure the salvation of anyone but rather created the possibility for people, C- Christ's death paid for the sins of believers
A and C view on graceA- God doesn't have that much control on a person that they are unable to reject God's offer of grace, C- God presents his grace in such a way that a person would accept it (efficacious)
A and C view on perseveranceA- A person can walk away from God if they so desire, C- Once a believer God will keep you with him until the day of salvation
The accronym for Calvin's viewsT.U.L.I.P
5 steps of salvation according to Romans 8:29,301. Foreknew (loved) 2. Predestined (chose) 3.Called 4. Justified 5.Glorified
Definition of GraceUndeserved favor from God
Definition of Common GraceThe grace of God to all people, including those outside of salvation
Examples of Common GraceRestraint of sin, Sense of morality, civil justice, outward good, truth, and religion, The delay of judgment and many natural blessings
Saving GraceThe grace of God in salvation
ElectionGod's plan to save people. Reformed view God chose before the creation of the world, not based people's forseen faith or good deeds
How does faith and good works fit into electionthey are the result and also evidence of God's election
External CallingThe offer or invitation to salvation which does not necessarily result in a faith response
Effectual or efficacious callingThe inward call of the Holy Spirit which results in a faith response and therefore new birth
Regeneration"Being born again" This is necessary and the Holy Spirit which is the cause of this and uses the Bible to help with regeneration
Definition of Conversiona conscious change in life, born of godly sorrow for sin, which results in a life of devotion to God
3 things saving faith is notHistorical (faith of your parents) intellectual only (only faith in the head) temporal (faith when there is a need, but not when things go well)
3 parts of saving faithKnowledge (understanding the truth of Scripture) Trust (the emotional part of faith) Fiducia (The part of faith which requires the will, the acting on your faith
Definition of Justificationto declare on the basis of the righteousness of Christ that all the claims of the law are satisfied with respect to the sinner
Elements of JustificationForgiveness of sins, having Christ's righteousness credited to our account
True or false "We are justified on account of our faith."False we are justified because of Christ's death, it is not our faith which saves us
When does justification take placeIt took place once for all believers and that was at Calvary
Definition of Sanctificationthe work of the Holy spirit in the life of the believer by which the believer's life becomes more Christ-like
Aspects of sanctificationputting to death the sinful nature and becoming alive to God through good works
Example of JustificationThe court scene with the murder and the person who takes his place and then has the identities switched, or the story of the priest in dirty clothes
Example of FaithIndiana Jones stepping off the edge of the cliff
Example of SanctificationThe story of the egg, or the remodeling of a house
When sanctification is completeIt won't be until Christ returns since sanctification is a process which is not complete in this life
PerfectionismThe idea that a person can become perfect in this life, reaching a point of being able to live without sin.
Definition of Perseverancehow God upholds those he saves and brings them safely to the inheritance he has promised them.
How does one explain the passages which say that people left the faithIt is possible that people were going through the motion without really being a believer. They jump on the bandwagon because it is the thing to do not because they believe
The type of term "justification" is consideredA legal term
Be able to explain the five points of Calvinism compared to the 5 points of ArminianismBe able to explain the five points of Calvinism compared to the 5 points of Arminianism

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