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pointan exact location
lineset of points that extends in opposite directions
line segmentpart of a line with two endpoints
raypart of a line with one endpoint
angleformed by two rays with a common endpoint
vertexthe common endpoint of an angle
right angleangle that measures exactly 90
acute anglehas a measure of less than 90
obtuse anglehas a measure of more than 90
polygona closed plane figure made of line segments
congruentthe same
scalene triangletriangle with no congruent sides
isosceles triangletriangle with two congruent sides
equilateral triangletriangle with all congruent sides
perimeterdistance around a polygon
chorda line segment with its endpoints on the circle
diameterchord that passes through the center
radiusline segment with an endpoint on circle & the other at center
circumferencethe distance around a circle
parallel lineslines that never meet

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