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Global 9 Chapter 16 The New World

Columbian exchangethe exchange of goods and ideas between Europe and America
putting out systema method of manufacturing by delivering raw materials to peasants in their homes
inflationin increase in prices
capitalismthe investment of money in order to earn profits
entrepreneurenterprising merchants or individual business owners
joint stock companyan arrangement which allowed investors to pool large amounts of capital for overseas ventures
mercantilismthe idea that a nation's wealth is measured in its supply of gold and silver
tariffa tax on imported goods
Middle Passagethe voyage of African slaves across the Atlantic Ocean
Asantein the late 1600s, wealthy African kingdom in present-day Ghana
Usman dan FodioFulani scholar and preacher who denounced the corruption of Hausa rulers
BoersDutch settlers in southern Africa
Shakaruthless and brilliant leader of the Zulus in the early 1800s
Samuel de Champlainfounder of the first permanent French settlement in North America, at Quebec, in 1608
Louis XIVFrench king who used the colonies of New France to increase tax revenue
Jamestownthe first permanent English settlement in the New World, built in 1607
Pilgrimssettlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620
Mayflower Compactguidelines for governing the Plymouth colony
French and Indian Warwar between Britain and France, fought in North America from 1756 - 1763
Treaty of Paristreaty of 1763, ending the French and Indian War
Council of the Indiescouncil set up by the King of Spain to make laws for the colonies
Bartolome de las Casaspriest who reported and condemned the abuses of the encomienda system
New Laws of the Indieslaws forbidding the enslavement of Native Americans
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruza writer and poet of Spanish America
viceroyrepresentatives of the Spanish king in America
plantationa large farm estate, worked by slaves or very low paid workers
encomiendathe right to demand labor of tribute from Native Americans
peona worker forced to labor for a landlord to pay off a debt
peninsularSpanish-born settlers in the New World
creoleAmerican-born descendants of Spanish settlers
mestizoa person of mixed Native American and European ancestry
mulattoa person of mixed African and European ancestry

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