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Science Vocabulary

cellThe simplest living unit or stucture of an organism.
characterisicsDescribing words. Special things about an oranism which help to identify and group the organism with other that are simillar or the same.
chlorophyIIThe greencolor or pigment in plants which helps them make their food from sunlight.
classifyTo group things together which have similar characteristics.
cold-bloodedAnimals wich have a body teperature which is the same as the environment around them. As the temprature of the animal's environment changes, the body temperature of the animal also changes.
communityAll of the different animals and plants living in an area.
ecologyThe study of relationship between living and nonliving things.
ecosystemWhen scientists study communities of animals and plants and types of air, water, and soil they need to survive
environmentEverything in an organisms surroundings.
exoskeletonA hard shell which communities of an animal.
food-webhow an organims depends on other organisms and nonliving things for their food.
habitatwhere an animal lives and makes a home.
invertebrateAnimals without a backbone.
kingdomThe larest grouping into which an organism can be placed.
nucleusAn internal part of a cell wich controls the cell's activites.
organismAy living thing made up of onwe or more cells.
oxygenA gas which most organisms need to survive.
photosynthesisThe process by which orgaisms make foodusing the enery from sunlight.
recycleto use again.
sunlightenergy produced by the sun.
vertebrateAnimals with backbones
warm-bloodedAnimals which havea body temperture which stays about the same all the time.


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