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Advanced Civics: chapter 8 test review

Advanced Civics: Chapter 8 test review

interest groupslimit the influence of public opinion on public policy
shortcomings of pollsdifficulty in measuring the relevance, the intensity, or the stability of opinions to the people who hold them
focusing the public's attentionthe biggest impact that the mass media has on the public agenda
how public opinion is made knownthrough interest groups, personal contacts, and the media
pollsthese are taken to determine people's attitudes and viewpoints
public opinionattitudes held by a significant number of people concerning governmental and political questions
universein political terms it means the entire group of persons whose opinions a poll seeks to measure
limits on the influence of the mass media on public opiniononly a small part of the public pays attention to politics, voters tind to pay attention to sources with which they agree, most television programs have little to do with public affairs
best advice to someone who wants to learn about political issuesexplore a variety of sources of political information
familythe earlist and one of the most significant agents in the poltical socialization process
mediuma means of communication that transmits some kind of information
straw votea poll that tries to assess opinion simply by asking the same question to a large number of people
sampleportion of a population that can represent the whole population
interest groupprivate organization that works to affect public policy in order to benefit its member's concerns
quota samplein this people are polled based on percentages that are set to reflect the makeup up of the overall group
mass mediaincludes television and radio, which have a huge effect on the formation of public opinion
mandaterefers to the instruction or demands a constituency gives to its elected officials
opinion leaderany person who has an unusually strong influence on the views of others; these people are often writers of some sort
sound bitea sharply focused, short report that can be aired in roughly 30 to 40 seconds

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