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French Verbs (by Jess and Laura)

Match the French verbs with their English meaning.

J'etudieI study
EtudierTo study
Tu etudiesYou study
Il etudiehe studies
Elle etudieShe studies
Nous etudionsWe study
vous etudiezYou study (pl)
Ils etudientThey study (m)
Elles etudientThey study (f)
J'aimeI like
Aimerto like
tu aimesyou like
il aimehe likes
elle aimeshe likes
nous aimonswe like
Vous aimezyou like (pl)
Ils aimentThey like (m)
elles aimentThey like (f)
etreto be
Je suisI am
Tu esYou are
Il estHe is
Elle estShe is
Nous sommesWe are
Vous etesYous are
Ils sontThey are (m)
Elles sontThey are (f)


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