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AP Vocab-Verbs that take DE + noun or pronoun

Good Spanish/English vocab review specifically for the AP test.

abusar derto abuse
acoradarse deto remember
alejarse deto go away from
apartarse deto keep away from
apoderarse deto keep away from
apoderarse deto take possession of
aprovecharse deto take adavantage of
arrepentirse deto be sorry for
asombrarse deto be astonished at
asustarse deto be afraid of
avergonzarse deto be ashamed of
desconfiar deto distrust
fiarse deto trust
gozar deto enjoy
hacer deto play the role, serve as
bajar deto get out of
burlarse deto make fun of
cambiar deto change
cansarse deto become tired of
constar deto consist of
depender deto depend on
despedirse deto say good-bye
disfrutar deto enjoy
dudar deto doubt
enamorarse deto fall in love tih
encargarse deto take charge of
enterarse deto find out about
huir deto flee from
irse deto leave
marcharse deto leave
ocuparse deto be busy with
olvidarse deto forget
pensar deto think of or about
preocuparse deto worry about
quejarse deto complain of
reĆ­rse deto laugh at
salir deto leave from
separarse deto leave
servir deto serve as
servirse deto make use of, to use
tratarse deto be a question of
valerse deto make use of

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