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Chapter 18/19 Review

This is a review session for our unit covering Chapters 18 and 19.

Vasco da GamaPortugese sailor who was the first to sail around Africa and reach India.
Qing DynastyAlso known as the Manchu Dynasty. It was China's last dynasty.
Zheng HeChinese explorer who traveled to Africa
Taj Mahalfamous tomb found in India
Baburfounder of the Moghul Empire in India
Akbar the Greatmost famous ruler of the Moghul Empire
Safavid Empireruled what is today Iran
Bartholomeu DiasPortugese sailor who was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope
Caravelship invented by the Portugese that had more sails and guns
Sextantan instrument that was used to help one locate a ship's position
haikua form of Japanese poetry
Prince HenryHe set up a a school in Portugal to train sailors and navigators
cartographythe art of map making
Jihadholy war in the Muslim faith
kowtowChinese practice of bowing to the emperor
Line of Demarcationthe Pope designated this to divide up the New World between the Spanish and the Portugese
Ottoman Empirebegan in what is now Turkey
Treaty of Tordesillasagreement that moved the Line of Demarcation further west giving Portugal claim to Brazil
Suleimana famous Ottoman ruler
MughalsIndian name for Mongols
Shi'ite Muslimswhat the Safavids were
isolationChina and Japan chose this to keep out foreigners, but it hurt their technological development
Christianityreligion banned in Japan by the shogun
Christopher ColumbusHe believed he could reach India and Asia by sailing west
potatointroduced to Europe as a cheap source of food by the Colombian exchange
sugar canethis crop led to the development of the slave trade
Ferdinand Magellanhis expedition was the first to sail around the world
capitalismthis encourages people to make money and was an incentive for the Age of Exploration

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