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Unit C chapter 2

Renewable resources can be replaced:in a fairly short time.
To protect Earth's water supply, people should:use less water
Oxygen and nitrogen in the air and paper from forests are examples of:resources
Cleaning waste water before releasing it into rivers, lakes, and oceans will:Lesson water pollution
Farms, mines, and industry all use land resources to:produce items people want
Some air pollution is caused by natural events, but some is caused by:people's activities
Air pollution is especially dangerous to people because it:causes health problems
People can best protect and conserve resources by:recycling, reducing, and reusing
People can use only fresh water, almost all of which is:frozen in glaciers
Most of Earth's water supply is salt water, which:people cannot use
Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources formed from:the remains of plants and animals
Most important minerals and many facts:cannot be replaced after they're used.
What is collecting and reusing aluminum called?recycling
What are volcanic ash, fire smoke, and carbon monoxide examples of?Pollutants
Coal and bauxite are examples of what?Minerals
Rain and snow that melted and stored in the earth is called?groundwater
Gas, oil, coal, and bauxite are what type of resources?nonrenewable resources
Sun and wind are what type of resources?inexhaustible


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