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Photosynthesis & Structure of the Leaf

Reviews basic structures and the function of these leaf structures

Cuticlewaxy coating that protects leaf from drying out
Palisade LayerTop layer where most photosynthesis occurs
Spongy layerLoosely packed cells so gases can pass from stomate to palisade layer
Guard CellsSwells to open stomate or close to retain water
Upper epidermisTop of leaf
Lower epidermisBottom of leaf
ChloroplastCell organelle where photosynthesis takes place
StomateOpening on underside of leaf where gases and water can leave or enter
VeinConducting tissue which transports water or food
XylemPart of the vein that transports water
PhloemPart of the vein that transports food
How is the shape of the leaf an adaptation for photosynthesis?It is broad and flat so it traps sunlight better
How does the shape of the leaf cause problems for the leaf?A lot of sunlight can dry out the leaf
What are the ingredients of photosynthesis?Sunlight, Water, Carbon Dioxide
What are the waste products of photosynthesis?Oxygen and Water
What is the main goal of photosynthesis?Production of glucose which traps the energy of the sun into food
What are two functions of the roots?To conduct water from soil to xylem and to store excess glucose as starch
Which two adaptations prevent drying out of the leaf?Guard cells and Cuticle
What is the major goal of the light phase?To trap energy from the sun into ATP and to split water so hydrogen can be used to make glucose
What is the major goal of the dark phase?To mic Carbon dioxide and hydrogen to make PGAL and then Glucose using the energy from ATP

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