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-er verb vocabulary

Match French -er verbs to their English equivalents.

raconterto tell, relate (a story)
donnerto give
chercherto look for
laisserto leave (things)
frapperto knock
etudierto study
fermerto close
voyagerto travel
travaillerto work
couperto cut
gronderto scold
volerto steal, fly
telephonerto telephone
trouverto find
ecouterto listen (to)
marcherto walk
chanterto sing
essayerto try
commencerto begin
penserto think
garderto keep, take care of children
oublierto forget
tomberto fall
emprunterto borrow
quitterto leave (a place)
preterto lend
traverserto cross
sonnerto ring
aimerto like
demanderto ask
laverto wash
apporterto bring
expliquerto explain
pleurerto cry
rencontrerto meet
acheterto buy
jouerto play
couterto cost
fermerto close
nagerto swim

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