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Stage 4 -- Derivatives

This activities contains some of the derivatives we have discussed in conjunction with the vocabulary for Stage 4. The definitions will contain in parentheses the Latin word from which the derivative comes. If you don't recall the meaning of these Latin words, please use the review activity for Stage 4 vocabulary.

vendora person who sells something (vendo)
judicioushaving sound judgment (iudex)
queryquestion (quaero)
advocatea defender or supporter (voco)
satiateto satisfy fully (satis)
vocationa calling to a career (voco)
agendaa list of things to be done (ago)
impecunioushaving little money, poor (pecunia)
annularshaped like a ring (anulus)
concoctto prepare by mixing ingredients (coquo)
egocentricself-centered (ego)
mendaciouslying; dishonest (mendax)
enableto give power to (habeo)
renderto give back; to give up (reddo)
agenta person who acts on another's behalf (ago)
pecuniaryrelating to money (pecunia)
ceraciouswaxy or waxlike (cera)
insatiableincapable of being satisfied (satis)
provoketo stir up on purpose (voco)
agileable to do things quickly and easily (ago)
cuisinemanner or style of cooking (coquo)
convocationa meeting (voco)
cookerythe art of cooking (coquo)
egotisman exaggerated sense of self importance (ego)
prejudicean unreasonable bias (iudex)
habitualcommonly practiced (habeo)
questan arduous search for a goal (quaero)
designateto indicate; to give a name to (signum)
mendacityuntruthfulness (mendax)
inquireto ask; to investigate (quaero)

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