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Math Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks and locate the math term in the puzzle.

denominatorThe ___________ shows the number of equal parts a fraction is divided into
numeratorThe_______________ is the part of the fraction being discussed
fractiona A number that names part of a group is a ________________
mixedA ______________number is written as a combination whole number and a fraction
improperAn _________________ fraction is a fraction that has a larger numerator than denominator
equivalenttwo equal fractions are called __________________
factorsSimplify fractions with __________________.
multiplesYou need to find _____________ to find the LCD
primeA number that has only 1 and itself as factors is _________________
compositeA ____________________number has more than 2 factos
hexagonA polygon with 6 angles and sides is a _________________
octagonA polygon with 8 sides and angles is an ________________
pentagonA polygon with 5 sides and angles is a ____________________

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