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Learn about Cell structure and function, also including some AP questions....all on CELL

CellBasic unit of life
Nucleuscontrol center of the cell
MitochondriaATP formation
Product of ribosomeProtein
Golgi Body (Golgi appartus)Produce and package protein
What does chloroplast involve in?Photosynthesis
Central vacuolestore wastes, water and food
Plasma membranecontrol of subtances enter and leave the cell
Cell WallProtects and supports plant cells
Cytoplasmeverthing in the cell that is not an organelle, the jelly like colloid
Two primary types of cellProkaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell
ChloroplastWhere photosynthesis occurs, some starch storage
RibosomeProtein synthesis
Endoplasmic ReticulumTransport system in the cell,lipid synthesis
DNAEncoding of hereditary information
RNATranscription, translation of DNA messages into specific proteins
small circular structure(s) within the cell, maybe involved in protein synthesis,assembly of ribosomal subunitsnucleolus
LysosomeIntracellular digestion
Photosynthesis pigmentLight-energy conversion
Complex flagellum, ciliumMovement
CytoskeletonCell shape, internal organization, basis of cell motion
CentriolesGive rise to the microtubules of flagella and cilia
Flagella and ciliastructures that protrude from the cell membrane, and make wavelike movements
a cell with no nuclear membrane and nucleusprokaryote
a cell that has a nucleus (plant, animal, fungi cell..)eukaryote
small parts that make up the cellorganelles
organelle that carries out photosynthesischloroplast
genetic material found in the nucleuschromosomes
chlorophylla green pigment that captures the sun's energy


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