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Global History 10

Regents Vocabulary (E)

economic nationalismeconomic policy in which government places tariffs on imported goods to protect developing industries
Elizabeth ITudor Queen of England during the golden age
embargoto halt trade with another nation to force a change in policy
emigrateleave one's country to live elsewhere
empathyability to understand another person's feelings
emperorthe sovereign (politically independent) ruler of an empire
empiremajor political unit with great territory and people under its rule
enclosurefencing in of common farmland for grazing sheep in Europe (1700s)
encomienda systemeconomic system where landowners could demand taxes and labor from native peoples (Spanish colonies)
English Bill of Rights (1689)document signed to limit the power of the monarchy and guarantee civil liberties of the privileged
Enlightenmentscientific outlook and an emphasis on the rights of the individual
entrepreneura private investor that assumes risk to start a business
environmentcircumstances, conditions, or objects that surrounds a person
environmentalismmovement stressing the concern for the human environment
equalitythe quality or state of being equal in rights and duties
ethnic grouprace or large group of people with common traits and customs
ethnocentric (ethnocentrism)characterized by the belief that one's own nation or group is superior
EEC/EC/EUEuropean nations banding together to encourage free trade, political and economic unity
European Parlimentlegislative body that directs the course of the transition for a united Europe
exportgoods sent outside a country
extended familyseveral generations living in one house


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