Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Seal Journey

rulerA king is the - of a country.
BugleI play the - in the band.
whoseShe knows - books those are.
raccoonThe - sat on the branch.
continueIf I - to practice, I will make the team.
communityThe people who live in my - are very nice.
loosePut a leash on the dog, or he will get -.
commuteSome people - to work by train.
unitThe nursery is just one - in the hospital.
cubeHe put an ice - in his coffee.
humorA joke with good - can make you life.
stoolThe child stepped on the - to reach the sink.
gloomydark or sad
arguedisagree or fight
improvemake better
jaggedrough, uneven and sharp
horizonan imaginary line that divides earth and sky
squealedcried in fear or surprise
nurseryplace set aside for babies
maturefully grown
assuredmade someone feel sure

4th Grade
Mt. Yonah Elementary

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