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wolfAlaska, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin
jackalAfrica, Southeast Europe and Asia
coyoteNorth America
foxNorth America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia
dogNorth America, Europe and Asia
oxCanada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Siberia, Arctic
elephantAfrica and India
horseNorth America, Europe, Asia, Africa
water buffaloAsia
springbokSouthern Africa
deerNorth, Central America, Northern South America
musk oxCanada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Siberia, Arctic
mooseNorth America, Canada, Alaska, Northern United States, Northern Europe, Siberia, Sweden, Norway, Baltic Region
bearNorth America, Asia, Europe, South America
polar bearArctic
kangarooAustralia and New Guinea
monkeySouth and Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe
chimpanzeeWestern and Central Africa
orangutansoutheast Asia
tigerIndia, Siberia, Sumatra
lynxNorth America, Europe, Asia
jaguarCentral and South America
cougarNorth America and South America
cheetahAfrica and Southwestern Asia
catAfrica, Europe and Asia
ratEurope, United States, North America, Subtropical America, Southern United States, South Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, Southeastern United States, South America, Central America,
miceNorth America, South America, Europe, Asia
groundhogNorth America
squirrelAfrica, Asia, North America, Europe, South America, Antarctica
chipmunkNorth America, Asia
rabbitNorth America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia
skunkSouth America, Central America, North America
porcupineNorth America
opossumNorth America
raccoonNorth America, South America
beaverNorth America

O.J. Lindgren

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