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World History

Study Guide for World History Finals

ColosseumIn the stadium, spectators paid alot of money to see gladiators fight to their death
PeterOne of the first disciples to spread the teachings of Jesus
JesusThe long awaited Messiah; son of god
JewsHebrews; they began many of the traditions now used by islams and Christians
AtillaA powerful cheiftain that attacked and plundered many cities in Rome
Diocletiana strong willed army leader that became the new emperor of Rome
Julius CaesarA man that earned the love of his people by making jobs for them, and granting citizenships; he was assasssinated by the Senate because of the fear that he was too powerful
SenateAristocratic branch of Rome's government
Marius GrachusBrother of Tiberius; he sold food to the poor for lower prices, and helped bring about the decline of the empire by starting many riots
CrassusRoman statesman, financier,and military leader. He was in the first triumvirate, he was killed in a battle
Romulus & RemusConsidered to be the founders of Rome
ScipioA powerful general that managed to match Hannibal's power
Tribunethere were 2 of them in Rome, they protected the rights of the plebians
Dictatorthe person of the empire who had absolute power of the army and making laws
Plebianthe poor farmers, that made up most of the population of Rome
LatinsFirst to come to the Italian Peninsula: Farmers and Sheperds. Settled in a place called Latium
Gladiatora man who fought ot his death for the entertainment of the spectators in the colosseum
Pax RomanaRoman Peace
ConstantineThe pope of the Roman cathoic church, he prayed for divine help
apostlea person who spread the teachings of jesus
Jus civileCivil law
Western Empireborrowed elements from the greek and Helenistic cultures. Their art, literature, engineering, and law bacame the lagacy of the world
barbariansanyone who did not live in Rome
AugustusOctavian; Roman emperor in the time of Pax Romana
Lucius Sulladictator during second triumvirate, created first proffessional army; allowed anyone to be in the army
Lepidusin 2nd triumvirate; powerful politician forced to retire from political life
Pompeyjealous of caesar, made himself sole counsel, part of first triumvirate
CarthageOne of the places involved in the Punic wars
Punic wars3 wars fought between carthage and Rome fighting for power of the meditteranean
Consul2 officials of Rome; like kings
PatriciansWealthy upper class in Rome
Etruscansone of the first to settle on the Italian Peninsula, skilled metal workers
Spartacusa very powerful slave that led the slave rebellion
disciplespread the teachings o f Jesus
MartyrSomeone who dies for a cause
PaulAt first, he didn't beleive in god, then he got a message in a dream, and he spread the teachings of jesus for the rest of his life
jus jentiumLaw of peoples
OctavianAugustus; emperor during Pax Romana
Tiberius Grachusbrother of Marius, brought about the fall of the empire by lowering the prices of food, and starting riots
Marc AntonyFell in love with Cleopatra and commited suicide with her; part of 2nd triumvirate
Rubicon RiverSouthern Limit of area Caesar commmanded
HannibalA very powerful army general, which his powers were matched by scipio
Republica form of government where the people choose a leader to make the decisions for them
Assembly of TribesPlebians who passed laws and elected tribunes
ascensionwhere jesus ascended, or rose up to heaven
GreeksLived on the Italian Peninsula, grew grapes and olives, taught romans how to do this


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