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Chocolate By Hershey - Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Chapter 6 Vocabulary

schemea plan or plot for doing something
advertiseto call public attention to a product
visionthe ability to look ahead in the imagination; foresight
trolleyan electrically operated car that runs on a track
architecta person who designs buildings and oversees their construction
workforcethe workers engaged in a specific activity or enterprise
generouslywilling to give or share; unselfish
pavilioina building with open sides that is used at parks or fairs
competeto strive against another or others to win something
attentiveconsiderate and polite
extensivelarge in quantity or area; broad
tourista person who travels to various places for pleasure
persuadedto cause to do or believe something, as by arguing; convince
excursiona short pleasure trip
aromaa pleasant smell; fragrance
expandedto make or become larger in size, volume or amount
oughtused to show obligation or duty
fortunethe luck that comes to a person; chance
orphana child whose parents are dead
supportto supply with things needed for life
atmospherethe general environment in a place
homesteada house with the land and buildings belonging to it
resortsa place where people go for rest or recreation
consultto go to for advice
heartbrokenfeeling great sorrow
resolvedto make a firm decision
monumentsomething, as a stuatue or building, put up to help people continue to remember a person, group, or thing

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