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OLH II Unit XII vocabulary

Vocabulary exercises from Our Latin Heritage Book II Unit XII

abeo abire abii abiturusgo away, depart
acutus acuta acutumsharp, sharpened, pointed
amoveo amovere amovi amotusmove away
circumvenio circumvenire circumveni circumventuscome around, surround
compleo complere complevi completusfill full, fill up
cum (adv.)when, while, after since, because, although
cum primumas soon as
frons frontisforehead
incido incidere incidi ---fall into or upon
lac lactismilk
nescio nescire nescivi ---not to know, be ignorant of
palus palistake, pale
pecus pecoriscattle, herd, flock
remus remioar
sonitus sonitussound, noise
species specieisight, appearance, shape
tollo tollere sustuli sublatuslift, raise, remove

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