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North America's Physical Features

Hottest area in North America; below sealevel.Death Valley
Continuation of the Appalachian Mts. into Canada.Laurentian Highlands
These formed the Great Lakes.Glaciers
A river that flows into another river.tributary
Separates rivers flowing towards opposite sides of a continent.Continental Divide
A huge, slow-moving sheet of ice.glacier
Landform that covers 1/2 of Canada; source of much of the country's mineral wealth.Canadian Shield
Largest group of freshwater lakes in the worldGreat Lakes
This river connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.St. Lawrence River
Type of soil deposited by rivers.alluvial
Dam that produces more hydroelectric power than any dam in the US.Grand Coulee
Large companies run huge farms.Agibusiness
The beginning of the Alaska Pipeline.Point Barrow
The end of the Alaska PipelinePort Valdez
Vast vegetable fields in California.Imperial Valley
The largest oil reserves in the US are found along the northern coast of _?_.Alaska
A natural vegetation region near the Arctic Circle; a cold treeless plain.*Tundra
A natural vegetation region that includes prairies, steppes and savannas.Grassland
Permanently frozen subsoil found in the tundra.*permafrost
Area between 231/2^N and 231/2^S latitude.*Tropics
A political division of Canada.Province
The largest prairie in the world.The Great Plains
Canada is the largest producer of _?_.Lumber
The US is the world's second largest producer of _?_.Oil
Canada finds oil in her --Interior Plains
Forest resources produce wood, wood pulp and _?_.Paper
Money for business investment.Capital
Organizes a business venture (and assumes the risk for it)Entrepreneur
We mine for these resources.Minerals
A source of iron ore in the US.Mesabi Range
This mountain range is an important source of coal.Appalachian

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