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Hardware and Software

Technology Vocabulary

A software program containing columns and rows of cellsSpreadsheet
A plastic coated disk that stores digital data.CD-ROM (Compact Disc - Read Only Memory)
A peripheral device that translates paper images into digital data.Scanner
A machine that uses binary logic to process information.Computer
An output device that produces a hard copy of information from a computer.Printer
A small piece of silicon containing millions of tiny electronic components (example: CPU.)Chip
A switch used to turn on/off the power supply to a machine.Power Switch
A collection of data that can be used to store, sort, and find information.Database
The primary device that a computer uses to store, programs and files.Hard Drive
A removable disk that stores information magnetically. It is used to exchange information between computers or to make backup files.Floppy Disk
A device that reads and/or writes information to a disk.Disk Drive
Any example of this kind of device puts information into a computer.Input Device
This input device has keys for letters, numbers, and symbols.Keyboard
A small program that allows tasks to be completed in a single step.Macro
Any example of this kind of device presents digital information in a format that can be seen or heard.Output Device
A hand-held input device that is moved and clicked to select items on a monitor.Mouse
The master program that controls the overall activity of a computer.Operating Software
An output device that displays texts and graphics generated by a computer.Monitor
Any external device that plugs into a computer (examples: printer, digital camera.)Peripheral
This device takes pictures without film and stores them digitally in its memory.Digital Camera

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