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Global History 10

Regents Vocabulary (N)

nation-stategovernment that takes in one nation only
national socialismhaving to do with the Nazi Party, concerned with the status of the nation above the citizens
nationalismpride in and loyalty to one's country
nativismethnocentric view that one's group is more important than an immigrant group
natural resourcesomething that occurs in nature and is of value to human life
Jawaharlal Nehrufollower of Gandhi who later became the 1st prime minister of India
neocolonialismhaving to do with the most recent European colonialism in Africa "new colonialsim"
Neolithic Revolution"New Stone Age"; period also known as the Agricultural Revolution
New Economic Policy (NEP)Lenin's plan for the economy of the new USSR that combined capitalism and socialism
Ninety-five Theseslist of questions criticizing the Roman Catholic Church posted by Martin Luther
Kwame Nkrumaindependence leader in Ghana who led strikes and protests against British control
nobilityclass or group holding a high rank
nomadsgroup of hunting people who travel from place to place to find food
nonalignmentpolicy not to favor the US or USSR during the Cold War
nonviolent resistancepeaceful demonstrations to achieve political ends
Manuel NoriegaIn 1989, the US invaded Panama, seized this person and jailed him for drug trafficking
nuclear familyhusband, wife, and their children living together
nuclear proliferationthe rapid increase in the number of nuclear weapons
Nuremberg Trialswar trials to try Nazi leaders--"people are responsible for their actions during war"


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